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This is a range of post cards that are being sold by one tourist outlet. It follows work done by PHOTO memories in taking a series of photographs and then with the client selecting the one best suited for their market.

We then undertook working with the postcard company to set up the detail of the card format, back design and quantities. We can provide a totally managed contract or we can equally work with the clients choosen printer.

The client only had to await the timely arrival of the cards, all we require is a small credit line on the reverse of the card acknowledging the photograph has been taken by PHOTO memories.

We are equally happy to take photograhs of building or internal room, as is the case with this postcard being sold at Abbotsford. This was asked for by Abbotsford to replace a much older postcard that was close to the end of its stock.

Whatever your need and wherever you are located in the United Kingdom it will be worth contacting us, and a quick answer will be provided regarding costs of any Postcard work.

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